Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back to the future

All this time at the boatyard reminds me of when I bought Sarah and had her out of the water for a month up in Maine. I was getting her ready to sail to Boston. Every weekend I rented or borrowed cars and drove 3 hours up to Southport Maine to fix things I had no idea how to fix. 

It's a miracle I was even able to get up there. I was borrowing a Dodge Intrepid from Mission Hill (thanks Scott!) and  a Chevy Malibu from South Boston (thanks Susan!) where I would first have to ride my bike to pick up the car key and then lock my bike near the car, drive up and back and then drop the key off. I also got a free room out in Cambridge when my lease ran out and the boat wasn't ready (thanks Mark!). 

The current situation is much better. We are in Barrington, RI with Allyson's parents who have an extra room for us to stay in and an extra car for us to use (thanks Deke and Cathy!). The boatyard is about 35 minutes away and there are so many marine stores that I don't need to go far to find anything I need for my projects. I also have some idea of what I'm doing, I think...

I stayed on Sarah in the yard with about 7 blankets

Right after the launch they put me on a mooring

Boothbay Regional Boatyard

Some of my first boat aquantances

I think my bumper sticker read "I love italian women"

Same situation, different boatyard

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