Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Queen of Whale Cay

From Chub Cay we sailed 6 nm in high winds to anchor between Whale Cay and Bird Cay. Both Islands were previously owned by Joe Carstairs, "a cigar-smoking, cross-dressing, motorboat-racing lesbian, who had tumultuous affairs with leading actresses",  (check out that link for an interesting read). 

Sarah at anchor before our new friends on R/V Explorer joined us.
Dan knows how to strike a pose. 
Whale Cay Lighthouse is no longer offering navigational aid. 
View from the lighthouse
Abandoned pool. Imagine how much it cost just to ship in water to fill this thing. 

Joe Carstairs Museum, now empty. 
Dan building up a fire under the full moon. Fresh caught conch on the menu.


  1. Looks lovely! Great pics! 32 degrees here. Can't wait for summer!

  2. Looking good guys! "Freshly caught conch"? Come on, conch don't really need "catching" more like freshly gathered conch ;) I miss the Bahamas!!


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