Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Norvane self steering - The 'final' project

The self steering windvane was probably the most thought out purchase made for the trip. Once I got the quote I spent days on a pros and cons list deciding whether or not to spend the money. The list is gone now, but i think the main con was cost and the pros somehow outweighed that... I also looked at it as an investment for the future since the same windvane can be used on boats up to 60'. 

While drilling the 16 holes to mount the windvane, I almost wanted to send it back. Drilling holes anywhere in the boat makes me anxious not to mention the four holes drilled through the transom while laying in tater tot with Allyson holding onto the stern of the boat. Ugh.

When it was all said and done, 3 expletive ridden days and 5 trips to the hardware store later, it didn't have the 'oil rig' look I was expecting. It actually looked sleek and didn't interfere much with normal movement around the stern of the boat. 

I am still in the process of running the control lines to the wheel drum and can't wait to start fiddling with this costly contraption. 

I have to thank my friend Pete who machined the aluminum backing plates for the through-bolts. They say that the weakest part of the windvane is the connection to the boat, so backing plates are definitely recommended.

Aluminum plates layed out and spacers masked and ready for the 3m 4200 caulking

Backing plates for the transom mount. 

Finally installed! Now it needs a name....


  1. Why not call it " the Raaper"? It was a pain putting it up and Denise calls me a pain all the time!

  2. Why not call it "the Raaper"? It was a pain putting it up and Denise calls me a pain all the time!

  3. The Vane looks good. If you could , post some pictures of the control line routing. We own Krisan , a sister ship, Cape Dory 30 cutter, hull 178.
    We are considering a Norvane.

  4. We actually ended up calling him Fair Dinkum. -Dan

  5. Just came across your blog when I goggled Norvane - are you happy with it? Working well for you guys? thanks


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