Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I love to fish! We usually troll while we sail but I've also been catching bait while jigging. So, my fishing game is about to change. Dan is very tolerant of the impediment catching a big blue can be to our speed and sanity underway. "FISH ON!" Is exciting to scream but also somewhat dreaded when the canvas is full. We are working on perfecting the synchronized actions required to get a fighting fish on board safely while under sail. Our fridge is stocked with blue fish fillets for the week. But we can't wait to catch Mahi Mahi. We met a very nice fellow sailboat owner, named Art, in Newport. He gave us some coordinates where he caught Mahi Mahi off the coast of New Jersey. He also approved of my assortment of cedar plugs. Fingers crossed!


  1. We are about to head out on Prairie Gold (E16) from Constitution with Rod attached and trolling for Blues. I love the fight and agree that sorting out how to land the fish under sail is yet another challenge. Fair winds

  2. I see you guys are off and heading to southern waters. Allyson, sorry i missed your Boston send off bash. Just got back from almost 3 weeks off in Myrtle Beach - was great! Hope you guys are safe. Enjoy the voyage!!! RN Paul

    1. No worries Paul! I hope you had a great vaca Say hello to everyone for me!

  3. Go get 'em.

    I love to fish, and my kids love watching and eating them. So it all works out. Since I frequently singlehand while sailing, I just use a hand reel with 100 lb test line and bungee cord (see Cruiser's Guide to Fishing for full rig). I usually have 2 going at a time, one on each aft cleat. I never alter course, even when a fish is caught (never had anything too big that I could not pull up with 100 lb line). I just set autopilot and reel 'em in.

    Can't wait for you to catch mahi and tuna. And you can always get more lures in Florida.


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