Thursday, September 4, 2014

City Island

There is our friend Matt in 2001 feature in Timeout New York. 

City Island is a small island off of the southern shore of the Bronx. It is in fact part of the Bronx. It has all the small town charm and pride found in most ocean front communities. Standing empty half the year, then filling to the brink for the summer season. It also has all the spice of the Bronx, making it a unique stop along the coastline. It's residents are fiercely proud of their heiratage and most of the family's go back generations. We had no difficulty finding a spot to anchor. We anchored comfortably for 4 nights between the eastern side of the island near Rat Island. We had great difficulty getting ashore. All roads in City Island lead to the beach. That beach is then owned by the residents of that street. There is no public access onto the island. We found a beautiful unused dinghy dock off of a condo complex. A very nice resident Barry vouched for us the first day. Barry, I am sorry if we got you in trouble by comeing back the next day! One Marina wanted to charge us $1 a foot for a 3 hour stay. Our dinghy is only 7 ft but Dan flatly refused. From City Island we traveled to Manhattan by bus and train. We are lucky to have found a free anchorage close to the city that also felt safe enough to leave the boat for a night. Thank you James and Megan for making the drive out to visit us! Special thanks to Matt and Caroline for showing us around! 

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  1. You passed Port Washington in Long Island. It's a suburb, but there's free moorings, a free pump out dock, a big grocery store is right across from dinghy dock and train to NYC. Oh well.

    There's always the 79th St Boat basin for relatively cheap moorings in midtown. Trader Joes a few blocks away. Free laundry (only 1 washer and dryer though) and free ice. Watch the current though, and all the debris that comes down the Hudson after rains.


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