Monday, September 8, 2014

New York, New York

Allyson risked her life in traffic for this shot... 
 Copious construction in the big apple. 
 Nice views from Highline Park

It was a hot day (90+ degrees), we spent most of the time looking for shade
 Stopped off at a book store to stock up on entertainment for the 4 days at anchor in Staten Island
 Found the book I wanted, of course it was on the top shelf.

 Odd place to put your boat up on blocks to work on it
 After my cousin Chris introduced us to 169 Bar, it's a must see destination every time we go to the city.
 Happy hour special - $3 for a shot and a beer

 Our wonderful hosts, Chris and Anne, brought us out for delicious seafood.
 Roaming the streets looking for dessert
Admiring Chris' new pink phone 
Why drink beer out of a pint glass when you can use tiny paper cups
In total we went under the Brooklyn bridge 3 times - twice on foot and one by boat the next day
 Almost fell over taking this picture (more likely due to the hangover)
 Freedom "Too Tall" Tower
An unreal CGI-like picture taken at the reflecting pool 

We left the boat for a couple days anchored a City Island to see some sights in New York and visit Chris and Anne. We started with the Highline, a raised trolley track that was converted into a park, which allows tourists to peer into peoples apartments.  We stopped at a church to unknowingly see the bust of James Fenwick Jr. the 23 year old architect of that church as well as St. Patricks Cathedral. 169 Bar was the obvious pit stop to wind down from the day with cheap shots and beer, followed by seafood at the Black Crescent and dessert at the Milk Bar. 

The second day consisted of bagel sandwiches, visiting the reflecting pools, taking a tour of the last large sailing vessel used to move cargo (another post in the future), watching pitch perfect, painting nails and eating a huge amount of dumplings. When it was time to go back to the boat, we hopped on the 6 line to Pelham bay, got on the wrong bus and ended up at a shopping center in the Bronx. Waited for 15 minutes for the right bus back to Pelham Bay station, then to City island and rowed Tater Tot for 10 minutes back out to Sarah at midnight to rest up for our transit of Hells Gate and the East river...

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