Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sail Cape May, NJ to Chincoteague, VA

We left Cape May before sunrise, navigating the channel in the dark. It was another small craft advisory but with the wind behind us on a run we made great time. It has taken some time to get use to the swells under chop seen in the open atlantic. Allyson takes dramamine the night before which makes a world of difference. Steering became a wrestling match as Sarah surfed every wave. We counted three accidental jibes. One of which nearly severed our topping lift. We arrived in Chincoteague Bay around sunset. In near dark with a long winding channel we decided to try and anchor outside of town. The two sets of charts we had didn't match each other nor the current topography. By some small miracle we didn't run aground. When we told a local where we anchored he laughed at us. I guess we got lucky. 

Dan finally spotted a couple of whales. 

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