Monday, September 22, 2014

Sail from Chincoteague Island to Chesapeake Bay

During another small craft advisory we left Chincoteague Island to head to Chesapeake Bay. The conditioned were actually very comfortable. 1-2 meter following seas and about 15 kt winds. We ended up needing the spinnaker again as our jib does not fill with anything close to a run. A genoa donation would be much appreciated. We made excellent time. We were moving fast enough to be of interest to a pod of dolphins! This is our first close encounter of marine life that is not on a hook. I think sailors usually report the dolphins ride their bow wave. Sarah does not make much of a bow wave. So, they surfed the the swells alongside Sarah for nearly 45 mins. 

Toying on the edge of a close reach now with the spinnaker. REALLY need a genoa for the roller furling.

Where am I?

We decided to go under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the east instead of over the tunnel to avoid the shipping lane at midnight. It was stressful navigating an unlit channel at night but we got through without a problem. Exhausted, we arrived at Kiptopeke Beach to anchor around 2:30am. The anchor wasn't setting due to a strong current and opposing wind. We tried to sleep for maybe an hour until the waves grew and Sarah started to roll unable to turn into the wind. Even with everything stowed, Sarah rolled enough to make terrible noises while the the anchor started dragging on the bottom. We ended up sitting up on deck waiting for first light to move the boat. We had somehow positioned Sarah between enormous crab traps in the dark. 1/2 mile up the beach is the Kiptopeke Breakwater. The breakwater is 9 sunken cement ships. It is a surreal place to find yourself after a sleepless night but provided the protection we needed to wait out yet more bad weather before crossing the bay. 

Sunrise over Kiptopeke
Cement ships doing what they do best... sinking.
The entire fleet was being operated by seagulls and pelicans

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