Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Charleston was one of the best cities we've visited so far. We were anchored across from the City Marina and went ashore to explore the town, go running, discover some dive bars and do errands. 

Allyson testing out the new solar shower... from her smile I'm guessing the temperature was about 104
The view across the salt marsh out to one of the anchorages
Mansions around every corner
...as well as more reasonable sized houses
Luckily this cat had an owner or it would have ended up back on Sarah
Wentworth Mansion

Griffons Pub wallpapered with dollar bills was an interesting stop. The health department probably had a heart attack when they walked in here.
Even the deer head wasn't safe
The view from Sarah towards the Charleston City Marina
One of our waterfront runs. "Dan! Stop running sooooo fast."
Sarah at anchor - a lot of water runs through this area so we've been swinging back and forth quite a bit. The plow anchor and 125ft of chain has been holding us in place for 4 days now...

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