Friday, October 31, 2014

Fernandina Beach

After being away from civilization for a week we reentered society with our stop at Fernandina Beach. We sailed from Cumberland island the 6 miles to the anchorage. First order of business was provisioning, we burned through most of our stored and fresh food and the ice box was starting to look very empty. 
It was a 2.5 mile walk to Walmart, but we also stumbled upon a dollar tree and Winn Dixie. The grand total ended up around $300 and Sarah was fully loaded with meat, veggies, beer, ginger ale, canned goods (i.e. baked beans), cornbread, steel cut oats… you name it, we got it. After a short cab ride back, we were good to go.

Next order of business was dinner at the Crab Trap (even though we had enough supplies to feed an army on the boat). Two dollar drafts and some good fried food broke our 7-day streak of healthy eating.

The next day was laden with blogging, showering, laundry and catching up with our friends Ted and Mili on Morning Glory. Later that day all 4 of us went to visit  some fellow New Englanders out on their 60ft aluminum hull boat. It was a great tour, the hull was purchased up in Maine, brought down to Fernandina beach where they have spent 6 years finishing the interior and systems wtih top notch woodwork and equipment. Next step is to bring the boat back to Maine to outfit it with the mast and rigging. It is truly a labor of love that not many people are equipped for. I admire the owners, Mark and Diane for devoting everything to getting the boat finished. 

Day 3 we went into town to look for bagels, stumbled upon a huge car show on Main street and a farmers market as we searched for a cafe to indulge on some everything bagels and expresso cake. Fernandina has a lot going on, once you get past the two massive paper mills. That night we went for some live music at the green turtle, saw a great performer (Brian Ernst), met April from Georgia and watched the Seminole's vs. Notre Dame with Blair in the captain's lounge. 

Overall it was a great stay in Fernandina, but we had to get moving so we left on a blustery day and sailed 20 miles down the ICW. A long day of sail trimming, unfurling/furling the jib, and watching the depth sounder. Once we got to the Sister Creek bridge we dropped the anchor under sail, which prompted someone about at the boat ramp across from us to come over and ask if we had a break down. 

Next stop… St. Augustine

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