Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sail to Blackbeard Island, Georgia

We left Charleston with the outgoing tide and were able to sail the entire way for a total of 113 NM in about 23 hours anchorage to anchorage. We finally have our self steering windvane (henceforth to be named Fair Dinkum) dialed in. Fair dinkum with just a few adjustments to avoid ships off Savannah steered the entire way. The windvane gives us so much freedom and much needed rest for these over night sails. Dan intends to post a video of Fair Dinkum at work soon. 

Blackbeard Island is a wildlife refuge. Largely untouched this was a perfect stop for peace and seclusion after big city life in Charleston. We anchored Sarah in the middle of a marsh with plenty of room to swing with the tides. We apparently are far enough south that we found need to use the sun shade Dan's parents Sue and Gary made us. It is amazing! Makes the cabin feel like an extension of the interior boat, offering shade and privacy. We liked it so much i tried to make a shade for our forward hatch out of a carpet. A+ for creativity. 
 Plenty of 'gators in the area.
Sarah anchored snuggly in Blackbeard Inlet. 

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