Friday, October 24, 2014

So Dan nearly was run down by wild horses on Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island and Blackbeard Island are very similar in terms of wildlife and forest flora but a world apart in terms of accessibility. Cumberland Island has been inhabited for at least 4000 years. In the 1800s the wealthy Carnegie Family built the Dungeness Mansion which then burned down in 1959. The site of the mansion and grounds are open to be explored by tourists. We thought we would take a look!

As we pulled our dingy to the dock we heard the nays of wild horses on shore and then found of herd of them coming our way as we walked the road to Dungeness. "Wow!" we thought. "can you believe you are THIS close to wild horses." The group slowly ambled across the road and disappeared in to the woods.
"Aw! Look at this little-wittle guy. Hey there fella. Where is your mom? Do you want to come home with us." I couldn't help but baby talk to the cute colt. Still oblivious to the possible danger of approaching an unattended wild colt. "and look at that, he is posing in front of the ruins for us!" "Neigh!!!" Said the colt. 

Here comes mom (see the resemblance?). With deafening neighs the herd of horses galloped full speed into view. I have no experience around horses and had no idea how loud they are. A couple of shrill cries had me climbing the gate as they ran by. 

Dan on the other hand just stood there. I wish I'd had peace of mind to get some better action shots! "It's like running of the bulls!" Exclaimed Dan as he helped me down from my perch. 
After all that, mom and baby reunited at last. With no one trampled we were able to continue on our way. 

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