Sunday, November 23, 2014

Regaining our sea legs

We left Miami around mid day and stayed the first night, just 10 nm south, off Biscayne Key. I was amped for this short trip. My heart was racing. I was certain every strange smell was an electrical fire from our new batteries. I checked the engine compartment multiple times certain the adjustments Dan made to the hose clamps around the stuffing box was all wrong and we were sure to be sinking. Every other moving boat was enemy #1, taking up much needed canal space with their beamy berths. 

They don't appear to be smoking...

The day was actually uneventful. We motored to get gas then sailed with just our jib up to the anchorage. The sun even came out and shown down on Miami, helping to leave one last good impression for us. 

The following day we sailed 30 nm south to North Key Largo. Following winds 20-25 kt with gusts to 30, and rain the whole way. But what a wonderful sail!! Biscayne Bay had just a light chop dispite all the wind. Sarah was able to run 5.5-6 kts all the way to her anchorage behind Pumpkin key. 

And just like that all my jitters are gone.  I feel like we took a few baby steps to reacclimate to sailing after 2+ weeks on the hook. I am excited to take on the next adventure - crossing the Gulf Stream and entering the Bahamas.  

We want to skip Bimini if we can. We are looking for isolated paradise. If weather allows we will check in with customs in Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands. 

We will be checking back in with you on the other side. 

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  1. Congrats! We sailed from Anglefish Cut to Bimini about 5 years ago in the same boat! Best sail of our lives.
    Best, Alaina and Patrick


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