Monday, November 10, 2014

Vero Beach, Fl

From Ft. Pierce we motored north to Vero Beach. My mother took me and my siblings to Vero Beach every summer for years. She would pile three kids into her compact Kia and drive straight through the night to get us to the beach and to visit with family. I honestly don't know how she did it every year. The Driftwood Hotel was a MUST see. Lucky for us, my Aunt Ellie and Uncle Bob still live in Vero. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and they spoiled us rotten.

It was hard to leave after three nights but NE wind and calm seas beckoned for us to continue on to Miami. Every time we say goodbye to family and friends Sarah feels a little bit smaller and the world a little bigger. 

 Uncle Bob and Aunt Ellie!

Notice no boats on the horizon? The day before my Ellie and Bob were enjoying and ice-cream on the boardwalk and watching a tiny sailboat sail by wondering, "what if that is Allyson and Dan!" And it was! We were heading to Ft. Peirce. Serendipitous.

The Lobster Shanty's last night. Sceduled to be demonished and turned into condos. Yuck. We would go to dinner here every summer with my grandparents. I am convinced I had fried alligator tail as a child. Aunt Ellie could neither confirm or deny. 

We left at sunrise for Miami and the ICW calm and beautiful. 

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