Friday, December 12, 2014

Bird Cay breaking and entering

Bird Cay was also owned by the notorious Joe Carstairs (according to wiki, view previous post). Whale Cay remains inhabited and thus the grounds are tended. Bird Cay has been abandoned. The Island has reclaimed the land over the past decade.

The mansion on Bird Cay has an institutional feel. Block-like in structure, it lacks the whimsical architecture seen on Whale Cay. But its creep factor is more than double. The pool and grounds, now overrun, must have been beautiful when tended. As we entered the house through two smashed doors we spooked a flock of peacocks. Or rather, a flock of peacocks spooked us.

The house was left furnished but has been pillaged over the last decade. If there were riches to be found they were found well before we arrived. It is hard to tell what damage is done by mother nature and what by man.

We ascended a spiral staircase to the second floor bedrooms.  The floorboards beneath our feet groaned in protest of our weight. The beds remain covered by linens now tattered. In the master bedroom, among a couple hundred scattered books, we found a frail man. He looked like he was sucking on coconut meat. His murky eyes clouded by cataracts, looked our way. He screamed unintelligibly. Dan and I could no flee fast enough. Despite his obvious lack of depth perception, he managed to lob a coconut and hit Dan square on the back of the head.

I just made that part up. But, as we ascended the spiral staircase to the second floor bedrooms and picked our way around moldy beds and a disassembled library my imagination was in overdrive.

Poolside drinks anyone?

Entering the Master Bedroom

Keys stuck a bit on this thing.
Allyson getting a post-mansion exploration workout going.

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  1. It's listed for sale at a modest 8.9 million. Thinking about it?


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