Monday, January 19, 2015

So long Georgetown, Hello Turks and Caicos!

We performed the longest tack of our lives from Georgetown to Providenciales. The trip started by sailing out past Long Cay, Conception Island and San Salvador. Once we got out far enough we tacked towards the southeast and continued down offshore past Samana Cay and Mayaguana. Once directly north of the Sandbore channel into Providenciales we turned south and sailed the last 60 miles to the entrance. Inside the channel entrance the tacking did not end, the engine started making a funny noise so we shut it off and made a long couple tacks to get into Sapadillo Bay and anchor under sail. It was a fun 3 days of fishing, firework tossing, flare shooting and squall dodging. All in all it took about 80 hours to cover the 330 miles. We were exhausted when we got in, but it was worth it.

Trip Statistics
Fish: 4 Mahi (kept only 1) and lost 2 lures
New Years Fireworks: 3 Expired flares, 20 Black Cats thrown from deck, 1 Airhorn blast at midnight
Sleep: Dan about 18 hrs, Allyson about 15 hrs
Broken Alternators: 1 (installed the spare)
Number of push-ups: 0
Number of rum drinks: 1 each
Hours of Motor-sailing: 12
Hours of Sailing: 68
Boats seen: 2 (one cruise ship, one tanker)

 My face at this point is saying "Take the picture now! I'm loosing my grip!"
 Be Free!
Allyson, is that you? I looked at the flare for too long.
Happy New Year!

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