Saturday, January 3, 2015

Swimming Pigs at Big Major

After sailing 20 miles from Warderick Wells on our way to Staniel Cay. We stopped at Big Major to visit the swimming pigs.  They actually just get too far into deeper water when you lure them out with scrap food, start floating and try to walk in the water... We anchored for the night and gave them a breakfast of fresh broccoli stem, a delicacy on Big Major. 
Had the anchorage to ourself until the Liberty Clipper decided showed up. 
We were able to lure a couple small guys out for sunset. 
 The big boys were up for a swim in the morning. They came right up to tater tot as we threw broccoli at their mouths.
 Getting a little worried at this point...
 The Liberty Clipper (From Boston?) showed up at anchor. Can't escape these guys!
Our friend Dave on EXPLORER picked up a piglet to take home. You can see mom in the background charging at him. He would never get off the beach alive with one of those piglets. 


  1. Seriously??? Your adventure continues to surprise and amaze me!!!

  2. LIBERTY CLIPPER?!?!? Too funny! I'm so sorry that loud tank of the ocean has found you in paradise.... on the other hand, Liberty looks more like a tallship without so many tourists and collared business shirts littering the deck. I LOVE those piggies! Too cool.


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