Sunday, January 11, 2015

We made it to Georgetown!

We left Staniel Cay around sunset and drifted along through the night around 2.5kts. It was a beautiful night. No moon, the brightest stars. The seas were so calm that even though we were barely moving the sails didn't luff or snap. Dan and I sat up on deck until midnight, giddy like children camping in their backyard for the first time. Mother-nature is letting us stay up late! We got into Georgetown late morning and found about 110 cruising boats waiting for us. Culture shock. This town is set up with helping cruisers instead of hindering. Free (spotty) wifi, FREE WATER!, $10 bottles of rum, grocery and laundry a short walk from the dinghy dock. No wonder people get stuck in georgetown. They make it easy. Time to get some much needed errands done. 

 Sarah doing double duty as a clothesline. What we'll do to save a few bucks. 
 On the way back to the boat on a particularly rough day the trusty outboard decided to cut out and we had to do some emergency rowing to get to a powerboat and await a short tow back to Sarah. Not such bad timing since we took a mile trek on Tater Tot across the harbor just the night before. Anyways it was time to give the outboard some much needed maintenance, so I took the opportunity to change the engine oil, gear oil, spark plug and clean the carb out. Tater Tot is back in action!
 The anchorage off of Chat 'n Chill
"Newburyport, MA 1300 miles" is somewhere in the mix.

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