Friday, February 6, 2015

Cockburn Harbour

Cockburn Harbour was our last stop in the Turks & Caicos. It was nice to finally get out of Provo, the locals (known as belongers) weren't as friendly as the Bahamians and every time they saw a Gringo their eyes would turn to dollar signs. The government was in on it too, a full 3 month cruising permit is $300 plus a $50 entry fee and a $50 exit fee. We stayed about 2 weeks, paid our $50 entry fee, $100 for a 10 day extension (for our busted alternator) and $50 to exit. Although I would pay and extra $50 to watch these horses chase their tails outside the immigration office all day;

Anyways we were so desperate to escape Provo we motored 10 hours across the Caicos bank only stopping once to spear a tiny lobster. We anchored behind Long Cay just before dark and then in the morning motored into Cockburn Harbour. We were the only sailboat anchored there. It was a poor town, but once the locals had a chance to talk to you, they were very friendly. I got some water from Elaine and Dimple and discovered that most of their children had left the town and are now pursuing various educational degrees. One of Elaine's daughters was working on becoming a doctor finishing up school in London. I would have liked to stay longer and get to know the town, but our 10 days were coming up so after clearing out to get our "despacho" it was off to the Dominican Republic! Adios Turks & Caicos, sorry but we might not be back, you're too expensive...

Long Cay
Much better than than winter 2014!
I'm just happy this isn't 24 inches of snow
The thing sticking out of the rock is an English cannon, likely from a fort that was built on Dove Cay
Long Cay viewed from Dove Cay
Good thing it was out of comission
Her dive-bombing made us think there was a nest somewhere on the island.

Sarah is to the far left, it was a wet ride back.


  1. Your blog is looking more and more like an ad for the "Endless Summer "

  2. Still enjoying following Sarah's adventures - especially from snowy Boston.


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