Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mother of all Blowholes

We took some time to check out the opposite shore from Luperon harbor after being cooped up on the boat by torrential rain for 3 days. I was suffering from a stomach/fever bug which made the walk all the more interesting. 

 This is what happens when you plant cactus in the D.R.
 Some old stairs, the search begins...
 Not sure what the history was of this area but we found an unfinished concrete house... along with plots of land sectioned off as if they were for sale. One of the locals mentioned that they were trying to turn the area into a resort/marina.

 We were very entertained by this tiny blowhole but we were yearning for more...
 Curious if this is where the sea level was 50 million years ago, also curious if there were places to run to incase the stomach bug decided to act up.

 Luckily for us there was a big northwest swell rolling in...
Some sections of the walkway were very precarious.
 27 waterfalls
So much beauty
 This blowhole had waves crashing on top of it and then the trapped air would shoot up through the water sitting on top - I have named it Diablo's Cauldron
Big surf break... right into a wall of ancient coral
Don't want to fall into that cave
Found it!

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