Saturday, March 28, 2015

Puerto Real

Ahhhh Marina Life!

Marina Pescaderia was a great place to recover. The restaurant at the end of the dock was the best restaurant food we've had since leaving the Turks & Caicos. We got a solid introduction to the Puerto Rican beer (Medalla Light - Pronounced MED-DAH-YAH), went to a great bakery/doughnut spot and did some much needed projects (Battery Equalization, Oil Change, Toilet and Bilge Cleaning). 

During our week stay we met another cruising couple, Jereme and Kim on Laho who spent 3 months in Puerto Real for hurricane season last summer and were on their way back through  Puerto Rico to the Bahamas. They invited us along on a provisioning trip with the marina rental car and we loaded up with the essentials (Medalla) and doggie stuff. Bela now has two doggie beds to choose from and the best dog food money can buy. 

Laho left for the Bahamas and not wanting to get stuck again we moved a couple miles south to Boqueron.

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