Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wheelbarrows of Dolphin!

The second day of the fishing tournament came to a close… and what a gnarly day to be out on the water. The wind was from the East 25-30kts with 6-7 foot stacked up waves. I watched a sailboat leave the harbor and turn around a half hour later, they made it about a mile.  These fishermen were out there for 8 hours trolling around at 6. I've never seen so many Mahi/Dolphin/Dorado in one place. I can barely clean one fish and there are hundreds coming in. 

Returning victorious? - even the Coffin Island ferry is getting in on the action

There were Mahi where the guy was standing but they started moving them.

…into the wheelbarrow guys

This is the boat that dropped them off - It's a Bertram 31, go figure

The big boys on dock 1

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