Saturday, May 2, 2015

Isla Caja de Muertos

After a week at the dock it was nice to get underway again. The next stop from Ponce was Isla Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island). This was the first white sand, super clear water beach we've seen since the bahamas, so we decided to stay 3 nights. 
Bela was most excited to see what critters were running around the island

The east shore was closed off as a sea turtle nesting area

 Allyson, making sure Bela doesn't nab any baby sea turtles.

View from the lighthouse. At the right side of the picture, you'll see Sarah, a little speck just past the ferry dock. 

Allyson, the keeper of the light

The smartest one in the group, the things you can learn from a little black dog.

The defunct light house, they basically have a flashlight at the top that goes on once every 2 minutes

Water bowl improvisation 

Next stop... the beach

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