Wednesday, May 6, 2015

La Platillas

From Caja de Muertos we left at 5am for Salinas and found a very calm mangrove anchorage. We also found a family fishing around the mangroves, and traded them a cup of coffee for 2 mangrove barracuda and broke out the Brugal Extra Viejo for an impromptu mangrove party. 

The next day it was a 5am departure to la Platillas, a very unpleasant motorsail against wind and waves… everyone was cranky so no pictures are available. 

Reading the Active Captain reviews for La Platillas we noticed that nobody went to shore, so we were determined to do some exploring. We really enjoyed the area. There was happy hour at the bar with $1 Beers, friendly fishermen, and an awesome hiking trail out to a secluded beach. We even found some stray dogs for Bela to run amok with. 

Determining who is going to be leader of the pack…

Allyson wins!

Not a bad spot

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