Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leinster Bay

The last week in St. John we spent moored in Leinster Bay. We stayed so long we had to start with some serious water conservation efforts (aka no showers). Luckily we met a family from Scituate, MA of all places who were chartering a catamaran from Fajardo and were able to spare a few gallons of water to hold us over to get to St. Croix. 

Leinster bay was a quiet place with access to a lot of hiking trails and calm water… once we moved further from shore we didn't have to deal with the bugs anymore.

The Danish Guardhouse overlooking the critical waterways

The view of Tortola, BVIs from the Murphy House ruins looking over the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Could dinghy over there on a calm day if we wanted.

Looking over Leinster Bay and the Narrows

Isabela on the hunt again. Seeing as she has never actually caught anything before, I decided it would be ok to let her give chase to a Mongoose… turns out she can catch mongoose (of all things!). She made quick work of one in the leaves down by the beach. It wasn't a very good training tactic and she was unmanageable for the rest of our stay. Too many things to chase down.

The Murphy house ruins

We would stay longer but we're out of water!

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