Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sailing With Ixion

After a week of cruising St. Thomas with our friends on Ixion we had the chance to take a short sail with Jim and Corinna and circumnavigate Little St. James Island. I'm not sure if the following info is 100% accurate but I'll take a stab at it; They purchased the steel hulled 1970's Endurance 20 years ago in the Great Lakes and over the years rewelded/reinforced the hull, refinished the decks, rebuilt the interior and redid all the rigging.  Not a small undertaking. We loved the opportunity to sail on their boat. Corinna (a licensed veterinarian) also helped us along  with dog stuff since leaving Luperon, including getting papers together to bring Bela back to the states when we fly back from St. Croix.  

It was a great sail, going from close hauled, to a broad reach to finally a beam reach to bring us back to the anchorage. We learned a lot of subtle things that we don't typically do on Sarah….

 Sailing to windward with Cruz Bay in the background

  A ship compared to Sarah (check out those turnbuckles!)

 Bela and I are trying to get into the shade that Jack typically doesn't have to share

 Marine Mammals (But not by choice)

 I'm still trying to figure out the worm gear steering (7.5 turns from lock to lock

 Close call with a charter boat… little did they know if they collided with Ixion they might have been cut in two. 

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