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Sarah is a 30ft Cape Dory Cutter built in East Taunton, MA. A total of 363 CD30s were built between 1976 and 1986, Sarah is hull #181 and is basically the middle child of the lot (just like Allyson and I, we are both hull #2 of 3)

Here are a few items I gathered talking to people about Cape Dory Yachts over the last few years;
The CD30 was designed by Carl Alberg, a Swedish yacht designer who moved to the US in 1925.  He made designs for a number of boat manufacturers resulting in 10,000 boats launched with his style of a long full keel and a narrow beam -

After Cape Dory went out of business in 1992 the molds in East Taunton were bought by Robinhood Marine in Georgetown, Maine where they kept producing the Cape Dory 36 into the late 90s under the name Robinhood 36.

All CD30s have slightly different interiors - A diver I met at the marina who used to work in East Taunton told me that the boatyard would hire carpenters for the day and give them some  rough guidelines to work with. This resulted in boats with slightly different interiors (e.g. sinks/cabinets/settees in slightly different positions)

Alberg designed boats have made a number of circumnavigations. This site documents the circumnavigation of a Cape Dory 28 (also with hull #181!) -  S/V FeNIX

The band Tennis produced an Album titled Cape Dory from their experiences sailing the US east coast in their CD30 - NPR Story / Tennis - Cape Dory

Stream the Album - Tennis - Cape Dory

CD 30 Sail Plan

1981 - 1982 Sales Brochure - One of Sarah's 362 sisters

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