Thursday, May 1, 2014

Charlestown in pieces

Since bringing Sarah to Boston 3 years ago she has been docked at Constitution Marina in Charlestown. It has a very good liveaboard community which is supported by the owners of the marina who spent a number of years living on their boats as well. Here are some shots from around Charlestown in 2012. 

I took these pictures with my grandma's old film camera, a Canon Canonet 28, she bought back in the 1970's. The camera takes great low light pictures especially sunsets.

After getting some of these older pictures developed, we decided to bring the camera for the trip south.  Almost the entire roll of film was split frame or double exposure.  User error for sure, although it gives the pictures a unique look. 

Shots fired from Bunker Hill
The old neighborhood - Wildest dream (off Sarah's starboard side) sailed
south to the Bahamas in 2012 /

The USS Constitution coming in hot to E-dock at Constitution marina

Bunker hill monument fading into the clouds

This shot sums up winter at the marina in 2012
Cassin Young in Dry Dock


  1. Those pictures look awesome Al!! :)

  2. These pictures entertained me with the game of trying to match one top / side to another bottom / otherside and also left me a little dizzy.


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