Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First sail of the year! Charlestown to New Bedford

 Boston Light taken with my super-duper zoom lens

Minot's Light

Scituate Light sunrise

F/V FORTUNA. Get it?

Them blues. 

We have some serious bottom scraping to do. Good thing I have the muscles for it. 

Sarah dry dock. 

Dan and I sailed down to New Bedford this weekend to have the boat hauled out. Why New Bedford? Well, the last time Dan was hauled out at Bayline Boatyard it actually cost LESS than expected. Unheard of. They also release guard dogs every night which makes Sarah feel like a bad ass. We had excellent weather for May but struggled with South West winds through the Cape Cod Canal and Buzzards Bay resulting in an unexpected waylay in Marion, Ma. But May means free moorings for all! Here are some pics I took with my new camera. peace. -A


  1. THESE pictures are awesome. I also want to know if you ate the muscles. And I don't get the F/V Fortuna - my guess would be something about red sky at night and good fortune. Don't leave me hanging.

  2. James! We did not eat the muscles. They were glowing radioative from a winter in Boston Harbor. Fishing Vessel For Tuna? Fortune? I liked the name!


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