Friday, June 27, 2014

Good to be home

After 5 weeks of the endless project list we are home in Charlestown! Here are some picture from the sail back from New Bedford.

F/V Sassy Sarah

The New Bedford fishing fleet has no patience for slow moving sail boats.

All I wanted was to eat this guy. Dan apparently is an environmentalist and threw him back.

Old bunkers on Peddocks Island. Dan is playing out a scene from Shutter Island filmed in this very spot. Eat you heart out Leo.

Peddocks clam bake for two. Make fire. Heat up large rock. Add seaweed. Steam food.

Eat your heart out Red Lobster.

Caught in the doldrums with no alternator belt. 

Happy to be back in Charlestown. 4 Major projects remain; Install a solar panel on shipment from Australia, install a macerator, install the wind vane and finishing those toe rails. I may look happy but toe rails are the bane of my existence. We hope to depart in 4 short weeks. My last day of work is July 3rd. I look forward to Sea Changes Sailing becoming an adventure/sail blog instead of a project blog. -A 

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