Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wind Power

I inherited a wind generator with Sarah. The old blades were shot even before the run-in with the fishing rod (the rod won). Even before the blades were damaged they made a loud whistling sound when the generator spooled up and made you think it was going to come apart, probably like this. The incident with the fishing rod resulted in 3 blades of different lengths and severe imbalance that shut it down for the rest of the 2013 season. 

It was removed for the winter, so I replaced the bearings, o-ring and neoprene gaskets. I also bought the Silentwind replacement blades, which are quieter (and much more expensive) than the stock blades.  Seems to be running well so far, just need some more windy days to break down the grease in the new bearings.  

Update: After sailing to New Bedford and back, the bearings are running free. And the new blades are a lot quieter than the stock ones, the purchase was worth it. 


  1. Hi Friend, the Chinese team is keep attention on your trip. Have a nice sailing...

  2. Thanks Max, glad to hear you're following along!


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