Saturday, August 30, 2014

Clinton and Bob (the cottage)

The best breakfast of the trip so far!
Sun going down behind Kelsey point.

Who doesn't love bob? *HUGS*
I must have run up and down to the beach a million times. 

After leaving Niantic we sailed for a few hours against the current in Long Island Sound and as soon as the current turned in our favor, the wind died (typical). We were right off of Clinton so decided to turn in and anchor. We anchored off of Kelsey Pt. where my grandpa would take us out fishing for flounder and spend hours drifting off of the point. We had some baitfish Allyson caught in Point Judith so I cut them up and dropped them to the bottom. I caught a Sea Robin and two Dogfish. The next morning we went to shore to relive my past and visit the cottage I named Bob way back when. Nothing at all had changed, the same furniture was in the same spot and the rooms were still painted the same colors. We went for a short walk around the neighborhood and when we got back the Johnson's (the owners of Bob), they treated us to breakfast out on the deck before we left for a long day sailing to Norwalk. 

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