Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Niantic River

We left Point Judith to go up the Niantic River to visit with Dan's Family. It is an interesting trip up the river. You need to call the railroad bridge and the highway bridge to open. It feels a little ridiculous to literally stop traffic on a highway to let 2 kids on their 30 ft boat go through at approx. 5mph. The channel through the river is very narrow and about 8 ft at its most shallow and 12 ft at its deepest (according to out depth sounder). It is a soft mud bottom and as described in a previous post, we got Tater Tot's line stuck in the prop. The water was warm though! The pond at the end of the river is so calm Dan had trouble sleeping for lack of noise and movement. 

It was a whirlwind tour with friends and family coming out to the boat. Going to cookouts and farmers markets. A stop at the beach and Defender for some supplies followed up by a second cookout. We even had a send off party waiting for us when we went under the bridges! Couldn't have asked for a better visit. 

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