Saturday, August 9, 2014

Long Point Beach and Provincetown Harbor

We have been anchored in Provincetown Harbor waiting for the right wind to sail the outside route to Nantucket. Hopefully tropical storm Bertha will bring some wind with her. Anchoring off of Long Point Beach can be tricky as it drops off quickly. Too much chain out and you could run aground as the wind changes. Too little chain puts you in danger of dragging your anchor into deeper water were it is no longer of use. With no winds we haven't worried. We have had Long Point beach all to ourselves from 6pm to 10am except for the occasional coyote and a large family of seals. Dan didn't believe that I heard coyotes the night before until howls came from the brush while we were moving our dingy down to the water. 

Post on Provincetown proper soon!

(All iphone photos)

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