Thursday, August 7, 2014

Middle Brewster

Very little wind this weekend left us with time to explore new places.    

Quick, Duck! I mean...

Tom, clearing out our new living room with a Boston Lighthouse overlook. 

The lichen moss is beautiful gold. 

According to Wikipedia this arch once held a bell. 

Dan, contimplates jumping to escape deafening seagull chatter. 

It was not nesting season. Had it been, we'd be dead. 

Middle Brewster Island is the home of approximately 1 million seagulls. It's a little scary and very smelly. For some reason this island is not visited often by mariners. Our friends Tom and Cynthia convinced us to join them for some leisurely bushwacking. Almost all of the 34+ Boston Harbor Islands have a long and usually grim history. Many were used in the Civil War and World War II. Before the invention of GPS countless ships were lost to their shores. Middle Brewster is no exception. We found the foundations of homes built in the late 1800s and the rusting remains of a wreck. We also found many dead birds.

We spent that night discussing Harbor Island ghost stories over a few drinks. I awoke at 130am to strange noises and the boat rolling ominously. This was disconcerting considering what a calm night it had been. I was convinced the Lady In Black had come for me. That is the last time I let Tom tell me bed time stories. 

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