Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nantucket, Ma

These guys are stationed off our bow every morning. For a mere arm and leg, you too can be a rocket-man. Rumor has it, you can haggle the price down to just your first born. 
Town docks around the corner.
Nantucket is an interesting stop for cruisers. It is beautiful and has an enormous harbor that you can anchor in soft sand all summer without trouble. Every morning we have a half mile beach to ourselves to run on. It feels exotic. It can be a bit pricy if you are on a budget, so we went in search of a cheap dive bar. Our cruiser's guide had some suggestions... 
The guide told us to go to the "Tap" room at Jared Coffin House and drink GROG with characters from all walks of life. We said "Hell yes!'" That is our kind of scene. We have been following this guide for a couple years now without issue. It is about 10 years old. The Tap room is now condemned and an uppidy bar in its place upstairs. The bar tenders didn't even know what grog is. A shame. Apparently it closed 6 years ago. We met the previous owner of the Tap room in this church by chance later that day. It's a small town. We let him know, that although its closing is now old news, his restaurant is missed anew.
We are taking things slow and enjoying each location. We have been blessed with perfect weather. 
 Did you know the sun sets everyday?
I continue to be in awe by it. Its hard to remember to stop and look around in the "real world."

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