Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cuttyhunk Island

Full sails from Nantucket to Vineyard Haven
We saw 8 kts on the GPS with some help from the Current in Vineyard Sound
Some scottish highland cattle taking a dip on Nashawena Island.
Obligatory Raw Bar photo
Half dozen oysters delivered to the boat.
The halo around the sun is not a good sign for the next day, storms a brewin.
20-30 kt winds - This boat dragged and came within 2 ft of Sarah. Luckily I was on watch when it happened and we were able to get the engine started in case we needed to steer clear. Allyson blasted the airhorn into their open companionway, but the owner was still on the island. Some good samaritans rushed over after the horn blast with their dinghys before the boat was aground and steered it toward this dock to tie off. 
Priorites - off to get cheese!
Survived the wind. The anchor held really well. When we hauled it up the windlass could barely break it out of the deep mud. 
Post-storm sunset
$45 or you can anchor for free if there's room and save the money for 2 dozen oysters.
Sailboat in the wilderness
Tow boat in the wliderness

Calm waters after the windy day.
The islands only restaurant. Blues Brothers on watch. Note the whale rib in the grass behind them (whale was not on the menu).
No cars to deal with, just golf carts.
Lookout over Buzzards Bay and Rhode Island Sound
Old World War II bunkers in the grass

Cuttyhunk is a peaceful island at the end of the Elizabethan Island chain separating Buzzards bay from Vineyard Sound. It is a blast from the past. It reminded me of that movie Pleasantville.  This is the place to cruise if you want to spend the day relaxing and reading a book. You can explore the entire island in a day on foot. When exploring the island everyone you pass sends a hello and a smile. 

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  1. The faceplant picture is my favorite.... hehe no, not really. Definitely love Sarah at full sail; she sure is beautiful. Not sure when, but I'm excited for the day I get sail with you salty experts on s/v Sarah. I'm glad to see you know how to live life right... oysters and a damn good sunset.

    Much love from your friends on Gia


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