Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We left Cuttyhunk the day after the low pressure system moved through and tacked in place up and down Buzzards Bay for 4 hours. A little frustrating, but we finally made it out far enough to point our bow towards Newport. Shortly after our last tack the 3-4ft breaking waves stacked up and we had an uncomfortable motor-sail close hauled the rest of the way. We figured out how to turn a 4hr into an 8hr sail. Lesson learned- don't go sailing during a small craft advisory. Once in Newport we found a great anchorage and discovered the Maritime Center at the Ann St. Pier which has warm showers, laundry and WiFi. We were also able to find a replacement winch handle and spare single speed winch in the antique shop for $29 (never thought of equipment on Sarah as antiques before).

The next night my friend Giff brought down his 31ft Bertram. Beers were consumed and I may have t-boned an anchored sailboat with tater-tot on the way back to Sarah at midnight. This remains unconfirmed.

The following day, Allyson's mom and step dad came to visit and we enjoyed some window shopping. If things surpassed window shopping Newport would quickly evaporate our sailing fund. We drove by the mansions, saw kites at Brenton point and had the first meal in a restaurant since departing Charlestown.  

Allyson on watch in Rhode Island Sound
Newport Anchorage

Almost had to buy a pirate ship kite
I kept on trying to get Cathy to let the reel go to see what happened to the kite. No such luck.
Brenton Point Park
Testing out Giff's Paddleboard - I was a skeptic, but it was actually really fun. Allyson hopped on as well and we flipped the thing immediately.
Shearwater, the 'mothership'

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  1. Hey Dan- My mother-in-law is pretty certain that she saw you a couple weeks ago in Narragansett. She felt bad that she didn't say hi, but Tim said he didn't think it was you so she didn't! They wish you guys good luck on your travels.


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