Saturday, September 13, 2014

Staten Island

Waiting for the wind to shift in our favor to sail to Cape May we anchored in Great Kills harbor on Staten Island. We also needed a couple of days to regroup and do a few small items on the boat before sailing south. All the marinas are brand new after rebuilding from hurricane Sandy. We visited a very nice pumpout dock at Atlantis Marina that we took over for an hour to wash out the holding tank and top off our water tanks.

A short walk down the street from the marina's we stumbled upon the Dugout. Walking in with our backpacks at around 1pm, the owner instantly knew we were not from around there. After talking with him and his sons for a little while, he comped us a couple beers to help the creative blogging process. A great place to hangout on a hot sunday in Staten Island. 

It's a wide open harbor - enough room to find room to anchor between moorings
The Dugout Pub South, best Sam Adams I've had since leaving Boston
Allyson reviewing her bridge pictures, while I was buying travel health insurance.
Deli down the street was the closest thing to a grocery store we could find.
We had constant entertainment from the fishing pier we anchored near. I don't think anyone caught a fish, but they sure were being loud about it. 

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  1. Fun blog, I sail Amiable ( 1981 CD30) up in Vermont, and I'm really looking forward to broader horizons. Fair winds!


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