Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beaufort, NC

After our extended stay in Ocracoke, we sailed the remainder of Pamlico sound into the Neuse River finding a quiet anchorage in Adams Creek on the ICW. The next morning we motored down to Beaufort, NC, finding a large mooring field filled with boats put out to pasture. After a short attempt to anchor in the field, we continued up Taylor Creek and found a spot free of boats to re-anchor. It was in a narrow channel so I broke out Chapman Piloting to review Bahamian Mooring. First we dropped our primary anchor (a 35lb CQR with all chain rode), let out about 70 ft of chain, had a couple beers to watch and see how it held. After an hour, I dropped back in tater tot carrying our 20lb Danforth anchor with Nylon rode and dropped it 180 degrees from the first anchor. We brought the rode in taut and see what would happen. Overnight the current changed twice and Sarah stayed in the same exact distance from shore and just swung back and forth to face into the current.  

One of the many 'boats of character' moored in Beaufort. These days it's not too often you get a picture of a pirate ship and wild horses.
The view from our Taylor Creek anchorage
Wild pony's livin' the good life only about 20 yards from the boat.
If he stayed longer we were going to try to tame him.
Only 40ft to shore, It was easiest to just swim over.

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