Wednesday, October 1, 2014

it's always sunny in Ocracoke, NC

Ocracoke feels like the last outpost of North Carolina. The only access to the island is by boat. The ferries run constantly from the mainland to bring tourists out to the island. Some will land in the main town of Ocracoke, stay a few nights and continue on with the free ferry to Cape Hatteras. Then, some might just decide to stay, bar hop, go gulf stream fishing, drive their 4x4's down the beach, and ride around on golf carts for the rest of their lives (I'm sure it's happened on more than one occasion). 

We took the first three days to regroup, and the last four the weather trapped us. It was either windy enough (25+kts) that we didn't want to deal with the chop in Pamlico Sound, or the clouds rolled in and the rain came down hard. Our first night there we got 5 inches of rain, almost filling up tater tot. 

This extended stay allowed us to really get to know the town, meet cruising friends, locals, do some clamming, and basically just relax.

Our first day in Ocracoke. Can you feel that wind?
Our exploring brought us to Zillie's Island Pantry with a great selection of brews to try.
Two hours of clamming produced about 50 of these guys.
25 were steamed and dipped in butter and the other 25 went into homemade New England clam chowder.
Passing storms gave us a spectacular sunset and rainbow at the same time.
Oh my, is that a double rainbow starting?
These panoramas were taken with Allyson's phone. Technology is crazy.
A double complete rainbow!
Good Night Ocracoke!

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