Friday, November 28, 2014

Key Largo to Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas and the Gulf Stream

We left  from our quiet anchorage off Key Largo Monday morning. We put tater tot on deck and set sail around 8am. A low pressure system passing to the north of us provided the first southeast winds in weeks and the seas were a gentle 2-3ft.  Leaving from so far south gave us some additional boost from the gulf stream. By compass we pointed due east, and the current helped push us northeast over Bimini 10 hours later. We decided we didn't want to stop in Bimini. We were in the mood for secluded anchorages and a quiet marina. So we sailed through the night to the Berry Islands. 

Exit from Angelfish Creek - the last red marker we saw in the US 
 Reefing the main... we had no wind in the morning so we reefed it to keep from flogging back and forth with the swells. 
 Crossing the stream in style
Fair Dinkum doing his thing 
It was a long night after passing Bimini. We tacked, motorsailed, and had a long close hauled stretch to reach the cut for Great Harbour Key Marina. We lined up a couple telephone poles, the "range," to stay in deep water. Then a sharp turn left into the cut! Once we got to the slip, the marina office called customs and around 5:30 we were cleared to shower, eat, and sleep... 

...but our propane solenoid went to sleep before we did, not allowing us to make dinner. So, my first activity in the Bahama's was taking out the solenoid. The one casualty of our gulf stream crossing. 


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  1. I've been looking at the pictures of the main reefed down, and I'm trying to figure out how you secure the tack cringle. Do you have "horns" at the gooseneck or do you use a line to tie it down?


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