Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving with S/V Wonderful Life

With strong winds in the forecast and Thanksgiving upon us we decided to stay an extra day at the Marina. It was a good move, over the course of the day the family on It's a Wonderful life taught us how to survive in the Bahamas. We went through Coconut Crushing 101 in about and hour and Dan went out for his first spearfishing trip where he actually saw fish and lobster. He missed shooting everything on the plate pictured below. Luckily Doug was more adept at spearing and was able to provide some crab and lobster for the Thanksgiving table. 
 Quite the spread! The turkey in the background just barely fit into our oven, it had about a centimeter to spare. 
 Dessert was on the menu as well, with pilgrim hat cupcakes and native coconut.
 Kathleen running the show in the galley.
 The men analyzing the swarm of Thanksgiving flies that showed up and all at once miraculously disappeared. The Thanksgiving miracle!
Ella and Allyson getting the dinner started.

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