Monday, December 15, 2014

Tongue of the ocean and our first Mahi!

After a couple nights at Whale and Bird Cay. We woke up early and got started on our sail across to Nassau. It was a brisk sailing day with some large swells in the tongue of the ocean. We kept in touch with our friends on EXPLORER during the crossing, they were able to get some action shots of Sarah as they passed by. We dropped our pennies into the 10,000ft section wishing for a Mahi and it worked! Just 10 minutes later we had one on the line. After getting it on board I filleted it just as the wind and the waves picked up making it a tricky task to say the least.

Sarah getting after it.
Jitka got this shot just as we were broadsided by a wave

Our First Mahi!

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  1. Great pictures of Sarah underway and AWESOME fish! Glad you guys are having a blast!


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