Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nassau and Dan's dad Gary arrives!

We arrived to Nassau under sail with Mahi-Mahi in the fridge. Our friends on Shake Your Tail Feather arrived at the same time with two tuna and a Mahi on board. I think they won. Our anchorage was not too crowded and close to Nassau Harbor Marina where our friends Dave and Jitka on R/V explorer were docked. We lucked out and were able to do laundry and grab water from Dave. Thanks Dave! 

 Gary, Dan's Dad, arrived 5 mins before the a cold front blew through. 
 Nassau is a little dirty but no lacking in spirit. 
 We toured the John Watling's Distillery for a rum tasting.
 The Junkanoo museum just down the street from the distillery is worth a visit if you are ever in the area. We arrived with a 4th grade field trip and were invited to tour the museum with them. 

 The fish fry was a scene. A couple dozen people sloshed and getting sunburnt on the beach. But you can get jerk chicken for a good price.  

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