Friday, April 3, 2015

Los Morrillos Lighthouse and Cliff Walk, Cabo Rojo

Following Bruce Van Sants "Gentleman's Guide to Passages South" we took a short 5nm hop from Boqueron to Cabo Rojo light. We didn't arrive until the afternoon due to a late start. The engine had more air in the line so I needed to bleed the fuel system and swap out the secondary filter. 

There is surge at this anchorage so we set an anchor off our stern and bow. After the anchors were set we went into shore. We didn't do much research on this stop and didn't know what to expect. We discovered the lighthouse is merely the backdrop and 100ft cliffs that drop off into the ocean are the main attraction. There is also a beach which looks like a party spot for locals. Well worth a visit. 

The separation between the south and west coast of Puerto Rico

Bela off leash

Apparently she loves looking over cliffs - the leash was put on soon afterwards

She enjoyed her ears being blown back by the breeze coming up the cliff

Land-bridge to a pile of rocks - extremely safe. Find Zen wherever… or whatever.

The anchorage was kind of roll so we used the stern anchor we discovered in Turks & Caicos. Either way a squall passing to the north shifted the wind and we were turned beam to the waves anyways.

Sunset under Cabo Rojo Light… Next stop La Parguera

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