Tuesday, April 7, 2015

La Parguera - Act 1

After the night at los Morrillos light house we woke up at 5:30 am to move over to La Parguera before the trade winds picked up. It now feels like we are cruising again, short hops in the morning, arriving at a new destination before 10 am. If we didn't need to have the motor on, it would be perfect. 

The first night we anchored near the town. Main Street was under construction and most everything was closed. After filling up on water thanks to a friendly local sailor, Albert, we decided to move to where the action was...

Rounding Cabo Rojo

We may have witnessed a nuclear explosion on Vieques - one of the islands formally used for US military target practice. After further review we decided it was the sunrise.

Los Morrillos Light at First Light

Tater Tot on the last run of the day into La Parguera for a dog walk, 15 gallons of water, pizza, empanadillas and coca cola. We looked like a sinking freighter on the way back.

Sunset… party starts tomorrow!

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