Friday, April 10, 2015

Gilligan's Island

After a restless night due to Thursday revelers at La Parguera, we decided we wouldn't be able to hang with the weekend crew and had to find a calmer anchorage. At 6 am we weighed anchor and motorsailed 12 miles east to Gilligan's Island (Not sure where the name came from, but every cruiser we talked to knows it). 

We were buzzed by a helicopter in the morning and expected the worst, but it was much quieter than La Parguera at night. After getting settled on the anchor and Bela was walked we all made our way over to Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa for lunch and beachfront beers.

The following day we explored Gilligan's island. It was basically the Parguera mangroves on steroids. The island had large deep cuts through the mangroves with a fast current running through them instead of small trickling streams. Being an area filled with people having cash to throw around I saw someone blow by me on an electric powered yellow torpedo as I swam with my flip-flops on my hands against the current. Super Lame! - unless I have one of my own...

This toy helicopter flew right into my fishing rod

Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa - winner of the longest resort name ever

Although it was a beautiful location we saw our weather window closing and had to move on to Ponce...

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