Wednesday, April 8, 2015

La Parguera - Act 2

The second day at La Parguera was entirely different. In the morning we moved 1 mile out to the mangrove islands/reefs. On the way into Cayo Enrique to grab a mooring ball we quickly did an about face with 4.5 ft shown the depth sounder. After almost running aground we scoped out another mooring ball that looked more promising.  The Department of Natural Resources is one branch of the government I haven't dealt with before, but I appreciate the free moorings! 

The anchorage soon filled up with revelers ready to get down on a Tuesday. Larger powerboats anchored with their stern to the mangroves and the smaller boats pulled right up to the thigh deep mangroves and put out their tiny Danforth anchors. Even though it was blowing 20-25 knots 50 yards away at Sarah the mangroves blocked the wind so well you didn't feel a puff on the leeward side. 

The reef was blocking the surf making it a perfect spot for wind and kitesurfing. I tried to one up them by jumping off the spreaders, but no one was looking. 

Later in the day Tater tot wanted to get into the action so we tied him into the mangroves with Bela in charge and floated around on life jackets drinking Medalla Lights with short breaks to snorkel in the little cuts through the mangroves. Don't get no better than that!

Mangrove bums

The party crew in full swing on a Tuesday

So easy, you can kite surf with one hand.

Every one of these boats has their stern to the wind, not sure of the logic behind it, must be a powerboat thing…

...I take that back, this sailboat anchored backwards as well. Only in Parguera!

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