Saturday, June 27, 2015

St. Croix Yacht Club

After a night at buck island we decided to head through a cut in the reef and move further up the island, we ended up anchoring near the yacht club. Going ashore we expected fees for using the dinghy dock and the facilities, but we were welcomed in like members of the club. Everyone was very friendly and interested to hear where that random boat came from that was motoring around the mooring field looking for a spot to anchor. Turns out the place had a few folks from Boston and we ended up hitching a ride to a nearby bar with Billy who moved down with his family after selling a house in Somerville of all places. 

It was such a comfortable spot (after putting out a stern anchor to prevent rolling) that we spent a few days going back and forth to the club for dog walks and doing brunch at the club and I got out for one last dinghy adventure to Point Udall, the eastern most point of the territorial United States. 

Thanks for the Hospitality!

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